Rogue camping adventure

On Saturday my boyfriend and I along with two of our best friends drove 2 hours out of Toronto to go camping. Recently my bf and I invested in a compact two person tent, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, miniature burner, and a few other camping things to prepare for a more extended backpacking trip we have planned. This was our opportunity to see how our gear fares in action for the first time.

Fun fact of the day…

I haven’t been tent camping since I was… say.. 8 or 9? years old. My family quickly moved onto trailers/campervans so camping for me has always involved a cozy home on wheels. I was excited, but also kind of nervous, about some real deal roughen it style camping… I’m a girl who really enjoys her shower. What can I say?

The campsite we decided on was situated along the beach on Lake Erie. It was a beautiful spot with the good kind of sand that’s powdery and fun to squeeze between your toes… the kind that’s fun to be buried in, you know? Sadly, when we arrived at the campground we discovered that all the sites were booked. We were out of luck, but after driving for 2 1/2 hours we weren’t exactly willing to give up on our fun weekend plans. We paid the entrance fee to be able to park there for the day. They allow you use of the beach and the picnic tables until about 10 pm and then the warden comes along and shoos everyone out.

If you’ve ever seen my instagram feed you’ll know that I’m getting fairly involved in slacklining of late. One of the first things we did, naturally, was set up a good long line to walk in between an afternoon of swimming in the lake and napping in a clump under the afternoon sun.


As the sun began to wane we had to decide what to do… drive home 2 1/2 hours defeated and disappointed? Or try our hand at rogue camping and risk being fined and kicked out of the park in the middle of the night by the warden?

In the cover of night we grabbed our packs, bolted stealthily up a sand dune and started pitching our tents in a sliver of a spot disguised by some trees along the beach. We only had the moonlight to help us see what we were doing, and we were hyper aware that the warden would be coming by any moment to makes sure no one was left in the park. It’s not like it was dangerous or anything, and it’s not like the consequences would be disastrous by any proporton, but…

…it was exciting. It was a little thrill that made me go, okay, here! This is FUN. This is life.   

After pitching the tents we had to leave them behind and saunter our way back to move the car, driving a couple kms down the beach to an overnight parking lot where we could leave the car.

We walked back to the tents under the full moon, listening to the waves and the water, bare feet in the sand and the stars over our heads… it was beautiful.

We slept through the night without incident. No wardens came knocking, no tickets left on our tents. We woke up with the sun, the waves, the fresh air and packed everything up. We made our way back along the beach, this time in the morning sun.

The final treat was seeing this rainbow on the horizon. Like a little reward for doing the weekend right.


Life is like a kind of choose-your-own-adventure game. I’ve had a few tough blows as of late, but after a weekend like that I can’t help but feel invigorated and optimistic about everything that’s to come.

I hope you all had a great weekend, too! Do you guys have any fun camping stories? Or any camping horror stories even? I’m really keen for any tips and tricks from the seasoned campers out there. Feel free to share in the comments 🙂 🙂

As always, thank you for reading!


11 thoughts on “Rogue camping adventure

  1. Really enjoyed that – beautifully written. We’ve recently ‘returned’ to tent camping after several years with our 1972 VW camper, which has become a bit too much for me to handle. We didn’t have to buy new gear as we had it all – just had to be sorted out from the garage?
    Like you we made made a one night trial trip, to the Yorkshire coast, where we could get on the campsite, before the trip to Romania during which we made several overnight stops. No ‘rogue’ camping as we always managed to find a space; our ‘excitement’ was when we hit the Romanian roads (see my post of 2 August).
    We’ll be taking out tent etc in a trip to another part of Romania for a few days though we have we have many friends there who will probably insist on giving us a bed, but after that we’re off to Transylvania for a few days when we’ll definitely be using the tent, but on a campsite we know.
    Really look forward to hearing about your future camping ‘fun’. We love it!

    1. The fact that you are camping in Romania sounds incredible and then I realise that you lived there which is even more incredible! I’ve just been googling it… I need to go! Medieval looking towns, castles, thermal springs, weird windy long road, stunning nature… all things that scream my name! Can you please scout out the good camp grounds for us 😉 😉

  2. No ‘rogue’ camping as we always managed to find a space; our ‘excitement’ was when we hit the Romanian roads (see my post of 2 August).
    Really look forward to hearing about your future camping ‘fun’.

  3. No ‘rogue’ camping as we always managed to find a space; our ‘excitement’ was when we hit the Romanian roads (see my post of 2 August).
    Really look forward to hearing about your future camping ‘fun’.

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