bright blue hue

Today the sky decided to cooperate for once. Rather than showing us its usual grey and dank disposition it decided to show off with it’s brightest blue. I decided to celebrate the sky with a little walk and thought I’d better take some photos while I was at it.


Another new year is here and to mark the occasion that is 2018, I decided to pick up a couple of new hobbies. One of those is photography and the other is water colour painting. I’m not sure why I decided on the latter because I have never really had any artistic talent (which has been made evident by my first few attempts), but I figure I don’t have anything to lose and it’s something I’ve often wanted to try, so… why not?

I’ve also toyed with the idea of deleting this blog lately because I neglect it so much. Most often it manifests in my life as a source of confusion and guilt. Guilt because I’ve never been able to find the passion for it that I once had, and confusion because I can’t quite bring myself to get rid of it despite never updating it.

Where do you guys find the motivation to write and share? Is blogging dead? Should we all just start youtube channels? What is life?

Please leave your answers in the comments, especially for that last one because I so often wonder 😉

And oh yes, Happy belated new year wordpress fam ❤



13 thoughts on “bright blue hue

  1. First and foremost, your pictures are awesome. You must live in a wonderful area…or you quite good at picking out the beautiful parts and carefully cropping your photos.

    I do not think blogging is dead, but I can understand if you fall in and out of love with it. I chose blogging for a couple of reasons. I wanted to practice writing and exercise that voice. I don’t know if I will ever be the novelist I dream of being, but some of the pieces I write give me hope.
    It has also been a kind of therapy; akin to diary or thought journal.
    I don’t have as many followers as you, but I do enjoy the interactions I do get.
    Should we all be YouTubers? If you like talking to a camera, it could be fun. It could be fun to learn new editing skills and software. I followed a few Jvloggers. Some are still at it, while others have found they lack passion in that area too. Some I got bored of.
    Either way, good luck with whatever you choose.

    1. So long as we are here I suppose blogging is not dead. I suppose, like in everything, that I can’t expect to get more out of it than I am willing to put in. If I have shyed away from blogging in the last few years then I can’t expect to feel connected to the community like I used to. Personally I have always found reading blogs to be a lot more relaxing than watching youtube, although many people have encouraged me to go with the latter. Wonder if you’ve had similar recommendations?

      Thank you for that key point of how writing can be a form of therapy. Certainly when I began writing here it was a therapeutic outlet and maybe it can be again if I work towards that.

      Anyway, thank you for your comment and for making me think. Also for the compliment on the photos! I don’t really live in a beautiful area (downtown toronto in winter…), but that area is a hop skip and jump away so I am lucky for that.

      Good luck to you as well!

      1. I have never been encouraged to do anything on YouTube. I think my voice (husky, deep, scratchy, ..different; all adjectives I have heard to describe my voice) lends itself to narration, but I am not sure I have the personality for it. I can be outgoing, but not always. Of course, like building any relationship, time is an important factor. That is something that the current rapid age may not admit to.
        As for you, I suppose your friends are encouraging you because a) your personality is interesting and they think it would translate well to the medium b) they believe that the writing voice you definitely have would also come out strongly on camera c) since you are photogenic, it could translate into a following d) there is/was a significant amount of money to be made.
        I have made some video for YouTube but they are not worth watching. Poor camera work and lame subject matter are to blame.
        AS for the weather this year in Toronto. Yes, it has been horrible. I work at Yonge and Eglinton and I have not been having a good winter. Luckily I went away to some warm climates before Christmas. Now, with the bad weather (delayed my trip home this evening) and the horrible construction at the aforementioned intersection, I am feeling it.
        Please keep writing, photographing and ….I am at a loss for another verb that won’t sound preachy.
        Thanks for following my blog and commenting. I do appreciate it.

      2. We are practically neighbours! I’ve never met anyone else from Toronto on here yet (so far as I know). I often commute past that intersection and it is the worst. I was in an accident there not long ago and always hold that grudge against it…

        But yes I will continue to write! Thanks again for all the conversation. As you say time is an important factor and maybe a time will come when I can figure out exactly what I want to do from this platform. Looking forward to more on your blog xo

      3. I must confess, I have met one other person from Toronto (Sarah Warsi) on WP. She writes a work life balance blog.
        Though not the first, it is indeed a pleasure to meet someone so close. I am sorry that you have had an accident at that intersection. I hope it wasn’t to bad. Someday the construction will finish and hopefully the neighbourhood will be hopping again. If not, I know a bar that makes their own beer in a few blocks east and can drown my sorrows.
        Whatever you choose to do, I sure it will be good.
        I am not sure what I want from my blog either. I love the writing practice and the conversations I get into. I don’t know if it will ever get popular enough to get showered with promotional gifts, but there’s no point in thinking negatively.
        Keep writing when the muse strikes you. And, yes, some far off day, the winter will end.

  2. Your photographs are beautiful! Like you, I started both photography and watercolour painting. They seem to go hand in hand.
    I hope blogging is not dead – it’s what keeps me connected to the world.
    Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

      1. I just started taking lessons, but I have learned this: be patient, less is better, and use gentle strokes. I also found out that mistakes can be corrected – keep a wad of paper towel handy to mop up errors, excess water, clean your brush etc. That’s how beginner I am, lol

  3. I’ve definitely gone on more than a few blog hiatuses, but the beautiful thing is that the blog is always there to pick up again. You can always just pick up where you left off, continue the story. So I can understand losing interest for a bit but not wanting to get rid of it. Another thing to keep in mind is that you don’t HAVE to be a person who updates your blog daily or even multiple times a week. You can always just post when you have something to say.

    I too enjoyed the pictures by the way. 🙂 And props to you for going out of your comfort zone and pursuing some hobbies!

    1. Hey thank you for your insights! Good points all of them. I’ve always felt like I wanted to be the person updating often but I guess it’s okay for now that I’m not. When and if the time comes the blog will be waiting for me.

  4. Hi, Heather! So much of life is about growth, and growth means change: interlocking cycles of taking new things on and letting old things rest. If photography and painting are calling to you right now, then perhaps you should idle your blog to make more room for them — maybe with a notice like “I’m taking a break from blogging right now, but I’m still around! You can find me at Instagram, where I’m pursuing my interest in photography.” or some such. A person can’t force passion, so unless blogging is your day job (which it isn’t), there’s no reason to force yourself to write. I wouldn’t suggest deleting your blog, though; even a stalled blog still can contain many interesting posts that don’t lose their value to your readership just because they’re not recent. :- )

    As a concept, I don’t think blogging is dead, but that’s just me. As a full-time writer reaching out to readers, I use my blog, Facebook, and Twitter as a three-pronged strategy to connect with people who favor one platform over another. Many of my blog readers follow me nowhere else but there.

    Best wishes on your new endeavors! I admire your energy…and your willingness to go way outside your comfort zone! _/|\_

    1. Thank you for this comment, Bill! ❤

      I really feel what you say about growth and change. I want to move toward more conscious growth this year, being more present and commanding of my life path. I definitely need to make room for these new interests and somehow I think I'd like to bring them together with my love for writing which I know is still in me. Maybe all of these things together can rekindle the spark for blogging that I used to have.

      As far as blogging being dead– you're right. It isn't. It makes so much sense for you especially as a professional writer to use the blogging platform to connect to your readers. Every time I come back here and see how everyone continues sharing their words I feel very inspired.

      So thank you for being here. Thank you for your poetry. And thank you for your support which I appreciate more than you can know.

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