On not climbing Mt Everest

I decided that if I’m going to spend anytime online, I may as well try to focus some attention on this blog and writing rather than watching youtube and wasting time. I haven’t touched this blog for a long while, but I don’t care. I’ve had no reason not to write. There’s no reason to write and no reason not to write. So what to do?

Today I was walking my dog and started to have a small panic attack because I could not handle the cold wind and snow blowing in my face anymore. For some reason this winter has seemed extraordinarily long and it’s really getting to me. Everything has been covered in ice for so long I actually can’t stand it. I wish I had a dog who hated the cold and who just wanted to go out, do his business, and get back in as soon as possible. But no. I have a tiny dog who loves snow and who will still demand an hour walk even when the temperature outside is mimicking that of the death zone on Mount Everest. Speaking of Mt. Everest. I recently became pretty infatuated with the idea of climbing it. (Did you know that there’s a sherpa (Kami Rita) who has summited Everest 22 times?) I was reading about what goes on up there and it all sounds really awful and yet, kind of enticing. Then I go outside for 30 minutes when it’s winter and snowing and I remember how much I hate being cold and snap myself back to reality. I’ll just say it in writing so I can get over it… I’ll never climb Mount Everest. If I tried I honestly believe I would die 100% for sure.

Here’s the view from my apartment balcony


Doesn’t it look dismal?

Anyways so that’s an update on me. It’s cold here and I haven’t climbed Mt. Everest.

What’s new with you?

7 thoughts on “On not climbing Mt Everest

  1. Red
    Today, your writing was enough. Thank you! I have been thinking of investing in one of those anti- fogging snowmobile helmets as an experiment just to wear outside in the cold while walking my dog. They are on sale (in the States) for $29.95. Red for you. Here’s a link:

    I wanted an astronaut helmet but they were too expensive. Yeah the idea is a little crazy but I don’t like the cold either. 🙂

    1. Oh man that helmet is amazing, haha. I’m not sure I’m ready for that. Astronaut helmet… I would consider. Hell give me the full suit– I don’t want to feel any natural air whatsoever.

  2. Hi, Heather! I’ve been busy not climbing Mt. Everest too. LOL!

    National Haiku Writing Month is ending today, and it has been a fun way for a poet to pass the cold month of February. I’ve also been working on expanding my efforts with my Poetry in Public Places Project (https://www.facebook.com/groups/PoetryInPublicPlacesProject/). This spring I’m going to invite a popular local farm to display some of my poetry signs on their property. I hope they’re interested! :- )

    this goldfinch
    perched on the edge
    of spring

  3. My dog Mr. Butters makes it so hard to say when he wants to go out for a walk! Our weather this year in Michigan has been awful, and your blog sums up what I’ve been going through. My inability to meet his needs has also caused me some weight gain.
    I’m looking forward to the spring if it ever comes. Happy Blogging!

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