Valentine’s day liberation

Valentine’s day is just too commercialized!

Every time I hear someone utter this phrase I want to smack them upside the head with a box of Pot of Gold chocolates… and then I want to share the chocolates with them, as an apology.

Yes, Valentine’s day is heavily commercialized… but, so what? Who cares?

You know what else is heavily commercialized? Christmas. St. Patty’s day. And yet every year there are heavily decorated trees with colourful gifts underneath, and people getting drunk off green liquor.

EVERYTHING is marketed. Not even water is exempt. This is our society. Commercialism is a means of stimulating the economy. And no one is putting a gun to your head demanding you buy that package of hershey kisses. Surely there are more important things to whinge about.

So why does the commercialization of Valentine’s day get an especially bad reputation? One reason people tend to give is that you shouldn’t need a specially designated day to show your significant other that you love them. And I agree. We shouldn’t wait all year for this day to say we love our partners. But why not use this day as an excuse to make them especially assured of our love? In fact, I’d like to challenge all of you out there in a couple to just give in and utilize the day of love by doing something extra nice for your partner. Or, if you don’t have a partner, then show the love to yourself! It’s okay to be your own valentine.

Valentine’s day is only as much about money as you choose to make it. The day is just as special if you don’t have a hallmark card or bouquet of flowers. How about showing some creativity and thinking outside the box? Make your spouse their favourite cookies/meal. Or give them an extra fondle and wink that you might usually miss. Hold their hand. Make them laugh. Give them a prolonged embrace. Look them deeply in the eye and say “I LOVE YOU”.

I bet both of you will feel warm and fuzzy for it.

Velantines day

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