The love I long to give

All the love
I might have given you.
I wish
I long
Should that I could give it to you now.

Unfair, so unfavourable this circumstance.
Yet unfair is not important.
I don’t care.
I only care that the love which I can no longer give you
Which you deserve, and should have
So hopeless is my desperation
I give to another.

Not because what I feel for you has lessened
It only grows stronger
The only way I can honour
What we had.

What you were to me
No one and nothing can replace
You are my inspiration
For the air I choose to breathe
Into my aching lungs
Sorrowing from missing you.

The love that I give without remorse
I give because I think of you
All that you should have had and more.

For what you gave me
I did not realize until now
Was more than I ever could have hoped for.

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