The falsity of nests

Are you alone my dear, my dear?

Are you facing your fears? I see you over there
Perched painfully against
the edge of your willowing nest.

Your toes pinching its pillowy remnants
in a desperate attempt to
feign fragility.

That will not save you,
Silly child.

Why not just
lay your eyes down,
and notice.

See that below lies
A flower bed-
all safety and comfort.
Do you not like how they smell now?

Once you let go
and fall
gently, into their glorious petals.

You will inhale
and find that their once fearful odor
caresses the skin of your delicate nose.
Brings a humming to the pores
now singing in unison.

Can’t you see, my dear?
The danger is not in your imminent fall
but rather
in your crumbling nest.

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