Was that a joke?

Although my last official day of university (ever!) was this past Monday, I opted to skip it for background work on the set of a new mini-series they are filming here in Alberta. It’s called Klondike, appropriately named as it’s about the Klondike Gold Rush that took place in the Yukon in the late 1890s.

The point of this post isn’t so much the mini-series, but rather one funny encounter I had with a fellow extra.

The production crew were filming a scene which involved this guy:
If you watch Game of Thrones you’ll recognise him! He plays the character Robb Stark.

So anyways, I’m standing on set as the crew and the above actor prep for the scene. There are a number of us extras standing around waiting in the mud and snow. We’re dressed in our 1890s costumes, complete with terrible constricting shoes which suffocate the toes and provide zero protection against the cold. Actually, I think most of the guys had pretty adequate shoes, but the ladies… not so much. No idea how women managed to keep their toes back then. There were a number of times I was worried mine might fall off, and I even had those foot warmers surrounding my feet like armour (not that they did anything). Anyways, I’m digressing.

So as this scene is being prepped, myself and a guy beside me (very nice guy who I got to know a little bit throughout the day) start talking. At one point he looks at me and says

Him: Hey have you ever seen Game of Thrones?

I laugh to myself because not only have I seen it, I’m completely obsessed with it. But rather than doing what I want to do (which is to yell YES OF COURSE! in delight, run over and become new best friends with the actor, and then discuss the series nonstop with everyone I encounter because I am indeed THAT annoying crazy fan), I instead say with an air of determined indifference

Me: Yeah, I’ve seen it a few times.

More like repeatedly. But I attempt to maintain some level of dignity. The guy points to the actor and says

Him: Look at that guy. He looks exactly like Robb Stark!

Immediately after he says this the biggest grin washes across my face and I start laughing.

Me: Are you joking right now?

Him: No, why? You don’t think so?

Me: Well, of course I think so. Because he is Robb Stark.

Him: It’s the same actor?

I nod and the obviousness of reality smooths over his face, comprehension dawning.

Him: Ohhhh!



That’s my story. I best get back to packing up now. Did I mention that Liam and I are moving very soon (next week!) into a house of our very own? Quite excited! But am finding the task of packing up my entire life very daunting. So much stuff to go through and I feel like having a nap just thinking about it.

Happy Wednesday everyone.

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