Starting with ‘A’

I got the idea for this haiku from the awesome and always inspiring Rising Hawk. Each word has to begin with the next letter of the alphabet.

Anchored beginnings,
changes dawn effortlessly.
Fixing guarded hearts.

19 thoughts on “Starting with ‘A’

  1. In a juniper
    Kindled lights multiplying
    North of Palestine

    Sorry this was the best I could think of. I don’t mean to be stealing your idea that’s why I put it in the comment. I don’t know if it has to be topic related; it isn’t. I hope it works as well as I have never done a haiku before 🙂

  2. Wow, I’m flattered! Thank you for the kind words. And the Haiku is superb – better than my stuff, but I’ll keep at it 😉 I do like the challenge, and it’s funny to see where a random word can take you! Peace . . .

      1. I’d imagine it is. I love haikus; don’t do them as much as I should, but then I’ve been a bit neglectful of my writing lately. How do you go about these haikus?

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