don’t trust the flower

gentle buttercup
wears mask of demure petals
savage underneath

21 thoughts on “don’t trust the flower

      1. Yes, I gathered that, and your symbol reminds me of that on more than one level. I feel like, at times, I am living your ups and downs through your haiku. Have you been following my haiku blog?

  1. Here in California, it seems all of the most beautiful petals are gaurded by pricks. Innocuously dangerous. Very nice.

  2. This is wonderful Taereh. πŸ™‚

    For each specie, hidden underneath is a beast.
    Wearing the mask, for an illusion of familiarity…
    Behind each corset of nature – lies the potential
    And beneath the surface lives – a mystery…

    Being in a veil or being transparent…
    Being a savage or being gentle…
    Deluding self or self becoming an illusion.
    Being true to the essence is a real beauty…

  3. we used to think that if you held buttercups under your chin
    the yellow glow would prove our love. But summer always fades, and even butter cups wilt.

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