on not getting the job:

though they claimed
to regret not being able
to offer her the position
she couldn’t help but roll her
eyes in disbelief and claim
herself that she never
wanted it in the first place.

12 thoughts on “on not getting the job:

  1. well don’t lose faith or confidence in yourself. It is a very tough job market out there and some of the best firms are only hiring temps to start out. Then if you are good employee material – they bring you on full-time. Don’t overlook subcontracting because it can lead to the best jobs out there. And your right about the overall viewpoint that says, if you can’t see my worth and talent – I don’t want to work for you anyway.’ Some employers are abusing the fact that the market is flooded right now due to number of people looking but just wait till that shifts around. Then the choices will be broader and people will remember to them.

      1. you’re quite welcome! You have looks, talent, smarts – somebody out there will be bright enough to see this, and as some 82 year old grandmother used to toast – ‘here’s to all that wish me well, and all the rest can go to …’ πŸ™‚ xo

  2. for some reason i always get this feeling when i go for acting auditions. i get nerves acting but I still try my hand at it for the cash and to dare myself. And many media people can be arrogant- all up in your face and thinking you’d kiss their feet just to land a role but truth is,I am usually relieved when I don’t get picked. Only most of the time I do! SMH

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