in the book shop under poetry
two strangers whispering
the first, “why is poetry so expensive?
the second, “because poets are starving.
I think that I could stand
to lose a few pounds
and then wonder briefly
whether it’s best
to stop writing
or skip dinner.

12 thoughts on “eavesdropping

  1. Ha, clever Red. I think I read once that you are from the UK, if which is the case, speaking of losing a few “pounds” can seem to refer to both weight and currency spend on the book so the published poet can put on a few pounds of two kinds. Though I thought the UK used the metric system, and measured weight by k.g. and not lbs. (pounds)… Maybe I came across an unintentional play on words?

    In any case, word play is my favorite kind of play, so if this was the way you intended your words to come across, you should write this way more often! Or at least write more often period, I’ve kept an eye out for your posts since we spoke some time ago about you being self-conscious about the poetic worth of your words, with the intention of sharing my thoughts on your thoughts when you share them.

    I swear I’m not a flirt, I’m just too nice and too silly to know how I come across most of the time. I won’t apologize for that though, I’m too hard on myself about how I can come across, and I would rather just accept myself, and not apologize for things that need not be thought flaws. So just stating what’s what and what’s not!

    1. Although I think I ought to have been born british and wish I could claim it was a deliberate play on words, I am actually Canadian and it was not. I agree, though! I love word play and have tried it out many times in the past. It’s always a pleasure when it does show up unexpectedly in my writing. Hopefully I kick myself into gear and take more time to write and share my poems here. As well as be more involved in the wordpress community as I used to be.

      And trust me your comments come across with only your genuine and wonderful intention! Keep them coming πŸ™‚ xo

      1. Awesome! I will try to allot to memory an association between your blog name “Some call it red” with the red maple leaf on the Canadian flag! I remembered you were from somewhere other the US at least! I apologize for misremembering and thinking because you have red hair and were from somewhere else, it must be someplace stereotyped as having a lot of redheads! My beard grows in red and black, so I don’t think that qualifies my forgetful assumption as bigotry! lol

        Different seasons call for different priorities, and while poetry is an awesome and fun way to spend one’s time, as your poem made the point, there is no real money in publishing poetry, and all of us poets on wordpress probably understand that offline responsibilities often need to take precedence over feelings of responsibility to the wordpress community, so… no biggie, don’t let me make you feel guilty in my not knowing what the demands of your life are for you! πŸ™‚

  2. “to stop writing
    or skip dinner.”
    The above words are true. Hemingway made his wealth in his grave. Writers do have a upward journey. Thank you for sharing your poetry and thoughts.

  3. I read several of your pieces of work
    Between them they brought me feelings laughter and thoughtfulness.
    Money seems less important somehow now.

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