50 word stories: Supernovas


There’s nothing real or unreal in these words you’re reading. Nothing overly dramatical, I think the universe itself is drama enough. Supernovas, you know? I thought to write something and yet with nothing to say I can only offer you this small reconciliation: this paragraph is only fifty short words.


Thought I’d try my hand at the 50 word story today, although Richard does them better. If you guys have ever written one please leave a link to it in the comments so I can read! Or alternatively, write one, and then leave a link to it. 😉

Thanks for reading xo

6 thoughts on “50 word stories: Supernovas

  1. I’ve not tried a 50 word story but I do like to try to write short so often try to write haiku, tanka and both 100 and 75 word stories (including the title). My first attempt at writing a 75 word story is the one with which I have been most pleased, it was published on ‘Paragraph Planet’ and I used it in a short presentation at last year’s Ilkley Literature Festival ‘Fringe’ by our writers’ club, Writing on the Wharfe.
    Asked recently to do a page for a local magazine I decided to feature my short writings, including the one above.
    Now you have set me a challenge, to write a story of 50 words (including title). I’ve decided to try this to include in this year’s presenation at the Ilkley festival fringe in October. So thank you; I do like a challenge!

    1. Be sure to link it to me when you write it! Apparently there’s a whole website dedicated to the 50 word story, who knew! Maybe I’ll try the 75 word story next 😊

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