listen in
for the pin dropping
I’ve been
so long here dwelling,
measuring love in teaspoons,
guzzling empty glasses,
savouring flavours barely
lingering on my tongue.

The thorns are waning,
but I can still feel the bruises
swelling in my chest
your lies like litter 
my pulse, rushing through
me like a greyhound on
the track and
I’m always
to ask,
is this life?

or just the taste of your fleeting heartbeat?


in hopes once more
a friendly energy
money left on the table
and maybe
a way to make this work

a means of using
tyrannical reserves

to our benefit
a strong defense

take a page from change
in this case,
make it an arrangement
be willing to fail
be broken into pieces

if nothing else,
it could help ease some fears
after so long
because obviously
I’m not to your liking

that’s why
if there’s any room left

all’s well that ends well, right?


spent an evening
awkwardly on the
side of the road
waiting in the snow
for a bus to come
and take me somewhere
I didn’t realise
I needed to go

a place which finally
reminds me of home

I’d like to return this

I went in to get a refund for your friendship but they said I’d already passed the 30 day policy. Then they refused when I asked if I could exchange you for credit.

You were in the bargain bin, a final sale, the one that sat for years and didn’t budge on the shelf. Collecting dust.

How did I end up with you?

I’d donate you, but I’d feel bad knowing about your personality dysfunction.

What to do?

what to do…