I’d like to return this

I went in to get a refund for your friendship but they said I’d already passed the 30 day policy. Then they refused when I asked if I could exchange you for credit.

You were in the bargain bin, a final sale, the one that sat for years and didn’t budge on the shelf. Collecting dust.

How did I end up with you?

I’d donate you, but I’d feel bad knowing about your personality dysfunction.

What to do?

what to do…

19 thoughts on “I’d like to return this

    1. A recent and regrettable acquaintance from work which has caused me nothing but irritation. I feel better now that I’ve released some frustration through poetry!

  1. This really rang true for me as well – very good post and lovely haiku you`re writing. Thanks for stopping by my blog recently : )

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