The last I saw of you

The last I saw of you

You sunbathed
faulty in your golden tuxedo
bow tie fastened around your neck
black ink run like a tattoo against fresh skin

You were trading accents with the neighbours
strange dialects rolling over swollen tongues
masking falsehoods
and giving rise to pretty lies

You discerned so many sounds
strutted through the dense infallible fog
molding memories into unfamiliar shapes
burying truths beneath layers of discrepancy
so that no one could be bothered to tell
which is which

Tell me

How is it that you carry on
so elusive of sense and reason
yet so sure of your purpose?

4 thoughts on “The last I saw of you

  1. Definitely one of my favorites. What is the golden tuxedo? Farmer tan? And then is the bow tie an actual tattoo? Did you get the truth from him? 😛

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