the letters fell
in pieces between
the lines, I thought
maybe I’d glimpsed
that one word:

I rolled over
to catch my breath
sometime after

April blizzards

Winter has been showing Toronto how tenacious it can be by giving us a couple blizzards so far this spring. Or maybe Spring is just being lazy and Winter is being a great friend and covering for it.

April blizzards,
the most bashful
of snowflakes
finally work up 
the courage
to fall.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.51.04 AM

I don’t mind, really. I love snow.

Happy hump day 😉

call me dancer

If I did not dance today,
does that mean I’m not a dancer?

Maybe tomorrow
I’ll wake up,
and dance

like they say not to

everyone’s guilty pleasure

so that they’ll call me an artist

to send the blood to my fingers and toes

heart beating
rigorously until my body cannot withstand
the draining
my energy donned in droves
from passion
and temper

so that no can can dispute
no one can deny
sacrifice my life to prove and

call myself dancer.

They’ll have to agree.


sip tea from dainty china cups
imprinting lavish coloured stains around the rim
the footprint of painted lips
a kiss thankful for the sweet taste
remain crystallized for the next sipper