some inner dialogue

Good vs Evil brain, a conversation.

Good: I think I’ll write something today.

Evil: Are you sure that’s a good idea?

Good: Sure, why wouldn’t it be?

Evil: Are you kidding? Read your drafts! Every word written there is barf.

Good: That’s a bit harsh.

Evil: It’s the truth.

Good: Well screw you, I’ll write something anyway.


Evil: ….. so?

Good: You’re right, this is really shitty.

Evil: You should have just listened to me to begin with.



29 thoughts on “some inner dialogue

  1. Based on what you generally post, if your writing is vomit it comes out as rainbows. If it’s crap, it smells like lavender. Keep writing πŸ˜‰

  2. Taehrah, that voice that makes you hesitate and not write is NOT you. Ignore that. Validate what is right about YOU and keep writing. Also, when you write, you are the Writer — it’s a hat — and when you edit, that’s a hat called Quality Control. NEVER WEAR BOTH HATS AT ONCE! It’s a discipline.

    1. I had never thought about this before, but I always do try and wear both at once! Maybe that’s why the voice never shuts up, it never lets the writer in me write…

      1. Exactly. That is why keeping them separate as a discipline gets more done. What you put your attention on is not only what you get, but also within your power to control.

      2. That “voice” comes from a portion of your mind called the “Reactive Mind.” technology exists to eradicate the Reactive Mind without drugs, hypnosis or force. I have done this and no longer have a Reactive Mind — nothing left to hold me back or tell me why I should not write or succeed.

      1. Actually I don’t mind humid, I got used to it over a couple trips to Hong Kong. I’d like to visit Florida. I’ve done some traveling (Japan, Australia, some countries in Europe and the UK). I haven’t been anywhere in a while though and I’m pretty keen to travel again soon.

      2. I know the feeling. Been into 35 countries and come from Colombia, although my dad was American, so I am. When the wanderlust strikes, it’s time to load the coffers and take off for the hinterlands!

  3. I used to hate my old poetry, but I kept at it, and looking back on it years later, I saw what at first looked like barf, was really just avant-garde art, and not as bad as I thought.

    You should keep at it, and not worry about mental censoring. You never know what words you say might resonate with the soul of someone who sees beauty in what you thought was barf.

    You had to have thought what you were writing at first was worthwhile, you wouldn’t have written what you did if you thought it was barf before written. Perhaps you are your worst critic, as I was for years, and perhaps you shouldn’t listen to the inner voice that wants to cripple your creative ambitions.

    If nothing else, even if it is barf, at least you are taking the time and energy to hone the craft of writing skill, and perhaps you can one day resurrect the drafts you feel disappointed in like a phoenix who has come full circle with sharpened skills and a brighter quill with more insight to spill…. That’s what I have been doing in my blog with many of my writings – writing sequels, and writing poems that build off of ideas from my old writings.

    Don’t give up Red, and don’t listen to the naysayer in your head!

    1. You are too wonderful, and also very right. What can we do but press on and write. Sometimes we can surprise ourselves. Thanks for responding ❀

      1. You’re welcome. Come July 11, I will have been writing for 10 years. I was very hard on myself during the past several years, harshly criticizing some of my earlier writings, and because of it, I distanced myself from writing with the vigor of my early years, until I opened up my wordpress blog this past August. I can’t get back the months I lost in between creative writing, and when I saw you speaking the same things that held me back, I thought I’d speak up as someone once did for me early on, who kept me going when I almost gave up on writing entirely after two years of writing and virtually no feedback from the few who read my stuff πŸ™‚

  4. I appreciate that you stopped by and liked one of my poems, and I wanted to return the favor, if I may. I read several of your works and this one seemed kind of a focal point for me. I would like to say that the “evil side” is actually useful, because, at least for me, it teaches to dig deeper and challenges to grow stronger, more committed, clearer about what has value. I think it only becomes a problem when it’s forcefully denied or resisted. I enjoy your writing style. I understand doubt, but I would recommend not spending much time there unless you use it as a springboard into greater effort. I think what counts is what you get out of the experience of writing, which for me is the outer expression of the imaginative inquiry and contemplation that gives birth to a deeper understanding of beauty and purpose. I find writing to be kind of the visible sparkle on the surface of the deep water. For me, it seems most rewarding to listen to the source of the words you love because its depths will take you somewhere wonderful, through the purifying fires of the evil voice, if you will, allowing you to leave the dross behind.

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