In a silent room

a song


from his tongue,

meets her bare skin.

Now they’re humming the same tune.

7 thoughts on “song

  1. This made me think of being alone in a cabin on Valentine’s Day with a Bear Skin rug, and having pretend Cabin Fever, imaginging that the taxidermied toungue from the head of the bear is humming in what actually is a silent room. I recently fell in love with the song “Agora” by Bear Hands (a play on Bare Hands) which is the song your post made me think of, and what led to my interpertation of the bare skin / bear skin. It has a really catchy tune I actually hum sometimes. It features a guy holed up in his apartment alone, afraid to go out.

    Geez, I am really finding interesting ways to personally interpert people’s poetry today. I love poetry, so I guess poetry in general is my Valentine this year. Lol

    Great poem Red! What song were you actually musing on in this poem though? Here’s the song I was talking about:

    1. haha you always leave the best comments! I’m listening to the song now πŸ™‚ It is quite catchy, isn’t it? I wasn’t actually considering any particular song when I wrote this (I don’t think), and actually I wrote this ages ago and didn’t even remember I’d scheduled it to post on Valentine’s day until I logged into wordpress just now.

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