another round

here we go, another round in the
boxing ring. you against me this time
goody for you, I think you may have won.
how dull, hum drum, just another woman
who loves you. set the doll aside, its
weeping eyes can put out a fire before
it combusts. I heard energy cannot be
destroyed, only transformed, and this
woman, too, like the fruit flies who pop
persistently in and out of existence from
nowhere. off to find another painful body
to experience, hopefully one a bit better
suited this time, or at least with some very fine
armour. one with white white teeth and some
plump, pink lips that you’d happily bleed
to be swallowed by.
after all you’re that kind of a guy.
I think that last punch wasn’t
even thrown by your good side.
save the worst for last, like someone
else I used to know. strike low blow
after low blow. hey, here’s some space
for you. I have miles of it, you couldn’t
find me with the Hubble telescope.
how’s this? can you feel me again?
can you taste this waning love on your
tongue like yesterday’s leftovers?
pack it up and don’t forget to toss
it in the trash after the fact cause
you never meant to bring it home in
the first place.

sigh again

heat                                      embrace

hands                                   waist

foreign                                 tongue

familiar                                taste


You see
it wasn’t like I
couldn’t breathe,
and it wasn’t like I had been
holding my breath.

I was a statue,
waiting when you walked by
and you were a tornado
tearing your way through me.

It was like
in that fleeting moment,
life happened.


come now
and meet me for one of our
ferocious rendezvous
where we run wild through those
disheveled carnival grounds



suspend me and I’ll
hold you with consolidated ease
indomitable muscle
stockpiling some
cordial fallout

the intensity of
those rusty moments
fuels a dying flame
breaks through
monotonous thresholds

can you feel the unrelenting surge
coursing through? like a

an egregious lie

try to escape, try to
flee from me
and I’ll ravenously
barrel into you
until maybe
we’ll just have to