could have
let us go

you chose
to burn us
to the

19 thoughts on “gently

  1. Is there ever a gentle way to let someone go? If Hallmark movies are any indication, perhaps it’s showing them they weren’t that attached anyway.

      1. Wisely said, it is a sign of wisdom and maturity to realize that it is hopeless to try and hold a heart that wants to be free! No matter how much you want it.
        Please check out my “Why would you want to be with someone who isn’t IN LOVE with you?”

  2. Loved this piece so much! Hit a lot of nerves in this “old heart”. So many emotions in those moments – explosive, angry, hurt, broken, resigned, regret and the sadness of knowing you have to let go. You captured both sides of the emotional coin so well. Bellissimo, Heather Anne.

    Oh yes, don’t give up on commercials! An awful lot of stars got noticed in commercials!

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