she was a memory

she stands when you ask her to sit
she obeys the law during the day
and breaks it at night

she walks boldly into dark alleys
and comes out the other side unscathed
she is a super hero
in pedestrian clothing

she lights up rooms with bright scarves
feigning frivolity with floral prints
she is a damsel in (distress)
tiny and fearful in a summer dress

she thrives as contradiction

you met her once
but she wrapped up the memory in
purple paper, and topped it
with exotic flowers

you want to unwrap it
you’re dying to remember
what she looked like, aching
for her intoxicating scent
to ignite you

but the memory-
she just wrapped it up too nice
so instead it remains hazy

you just
leave it be and
admire its beautiful package

21 thoughts on “she was a memory

  1. Thanks for liking my poem “Light”.

    I love “she was a memory” especially the lines:

    she is a super hero
    in pedestrian clothing

    I can imagine this as a song.


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