attention please

add spice to substantiate mediocrity
garnering attention by
waving my hands around
and sitting on your lap
making a spectacle of myself
insinuating that you are not
paying me undivided heed

wanting to be your addiction

so that you might
not an annoying creature
to dissuade you from your
mindless games
but rather
a reachable unreachable
the kind that makes your heart
race faster faster faster

needing me like crimson water

once perhaps, but no longer
I just need you
to immerse yourself in me
to lay the stones in front of my feet
so that I might know where to step

blindfolding myself

tied delicately
wrapped like tinted goggles
woven into my hair
and I cling to you dramatically

humming satisfaction

without your help
I’d just sit here blind
stay still
and die without even knowing it

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