say what?

spew nonsense like seeds
thoughts ill-received to make sense
what are you saying?

3 thoughts on “say what?

  1. Here you go

    Here you go

    “Specific” I said
    “Pacific” she said.
    “can you be more specific?” I said
    “about what?” she said
    “I DON’T RECALL” I said
    “did it have anything to do with
    oceans”? she said.
    “no, just be more specific” I said.
    “OK, I will.
    Do you want to see my legs?”
    she said.
    “yes” I said, “I love your legs
    they are as long as the Panama Canal
    connecting the two oceans” I said.
    “so it does have to do with oceans” she said.
    “I guess so, your knees drive me crazy” I said.
    So, I started in the Atlantic sailed up ending
    moving smoothly, moored in her specific
    later continued down along to the Pacific
    in the archipelago of toes

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