back on the shelf

all of these silly poems
written about you lining up
like unnecessary soldiers
to collect dust for me
in a random journal waiting
arbitrarily to be tossed
one day in the bin by
some stranger who never
knew what it felt like
to cry over the words.

18 thoughts on “back on the shelf

  1. May it never be that your words are tossed away – your talent is a gift that inspires me and, I’m sure, many others. Your tears only serve to make the words more powerful. Peace . . .

  2. i believe all poems means a lot to the writer and some times the writer alone. I have written poems so bad that i wonder who borrowed my talent while i wrote them but these poems somehow mean more to me than some of my professional looking ones. because of the tears i cried over them I guess.

    1. Yes that’s another problem, isn’t it! I didn’t even think of that. I’m sure even if someone ever kept my journals they would have to spend a lifetime decoding the mess that is my handwriting.

  3. With every word we speak from our hearts light grows, New World’s are built and old evils fall by the wayside, overcome by courage. While our journals, posts, and chapbooks are important, what has been accomplished by the words in your heart and in the hearts of your readers will never see dust.

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