4 years on wordpress

This morning I was notified via my wordpress app that today is in fact, my 4 year anniversary here. 4 years ago, wayyyyy back when I was but a wee university student, I decided to start a blog.

I remember having an epiphany about it one night. I remember it was very early in the am, maybe 1 or 2, but for some reason it struck me, I MUST start a blog. What would it be about? I didn’t know (I still don’t). What was I hoping to accomplish with it? No clue (and still clueless). All I knew was that it felt like something I wanted to do all of a sudden. So I went with it.

It was just a glimmer of an idea in my mind one night and for the first year I was really into it. After that I somehow got a bit mystified as to what I wanted from this and so it’s been more or less teetering on obsolescence for years. Like a fading friendship. You want to be friends, you want to see each other more, but somehow you only manage to meet for coffee once or twice a year. Before you know it you talk about the person in the past tense or think “I ought to call them”, but then it’s been so long and feels like it would be awkward. That’s pretty much me and my blog. You guys know… every entry is me coming back saying, “I’m going to blog more in 201x”, and then vanishing again for months.

My stats say it all: in 2013 I published 172 articles. In 2014- 34 (what a drop already!!). In 2015- a wistful 20, and last year a very dismal 15.

Despite my poor publishing history and utter lack of commitment, I’m still glad that I started writing here 4 years ago. Here’s to me for writing on the odd occasion, here’s to you guys for being so wonderful and taking the time to read, here’s to another year with this little blog of mine.

Cheers all around!


14 thoughts on “4 years on wordpress

  1. In my opinion, the absolute measure of a “good blog” is not the number of posts or even the quality of the posts.

    For me it’s about the personality of the author, which gets revealed through the posts. Little by little I get to know this person almost like a real-world acquaintance, so a “good blog” is simply one that I’d miss if it went away.

    I would definitely miss Some Call It Red. Thank you, Heather, for keeping the blog alive . . . and a part of your readers’ lives! :- )

    1. You really said it well! That’s why I love reading blogs, too. Connecting with someone and being interested in their thoughts and insights… wondering what they’ll write about that day. I think it’s pretty cool we have this community here on wordpress!

      Thanks for reading, Bill 🙂 🙂 Your comment sure means a lot. Makes me want to write more!

  2. A search for posts that are current about WordPress itself gave me your anniversary blog here. Good luck to you as you write and publish more this year, because the momentum that carries writing doesn’t mean that you can rest on your laurels. I’m an amateur with fewer followers than you, but I just wanted to let you know that I noticed this special anniversary and I am offering you a few words of encouragement, if you are going about the business of continuing to publish to your blog.

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